Tour Diary Episode IX "Making of Contagious"

This tour diary episode is a little different to usual. Mainly because it is a much more professional production as it has been made by Georgia Harris of Digi Eye Media! In this Episode you get a behind the scenes look at the making of Contagious. We would like to take this time to firstly thank the team at Film Scotland who brought this video to life.  Thanks to our cast of actors who were professional and applied through out the shoot. Thanks to our make up team led by Angela Moffat who made us look terrifyingly insane (albeit it was probably one of the easier jobs she has had). Thanks to Drew John Barnes as he brought the project together and has been a vital part of Little Eye team for so many years.  And once again thank you to Digi Eye Media for making this WONDERFUL video for us!

Now you can go and watch the full video here,