Tour Diary Episode XIV "Back to Europe II"

This episode picks up the next morning after our show in the Monkey show at Metz. The last thing you seen was Jay failing to order a drink in french, however we still managed to partake! Follow us as we depart Petange in Luxembourg, and travel to Dolhain in Belgium to play at The Dolympiades music festival. It was a fantastic festival, which was very well organised and ran very smoothly. We were welcomed by the organiser who didn't speak any English (and we don't speak any French really) and made good friends despite the language gap. We were never without a drink and the show was great! A special mention to the Roxxbusters band who were most entertaining as you will see in the video. This brings an end to this leg of the tour. We are in the studio in August and are on a UK tour in October, so loads more diaries to come! Visit for all your Little Eye news!