Tour Diary Episode II "Pre Production"

Here is the second episode of our video diary series documenting our adventures on the crazy journey experienced from being in a band.

After our songwriting expedition to 'The Cottage on Loch Fyne', we're back in Glasgow at Berekeley 2 in room 3 doing pre production with our producer Geoff Dugmore.  Geoff has been one of busiest and best drummers in the world for a long time and when he's not on the road he takes the time to come work with us and for that we couldn't be more grateful or lucky. During our pre production we take the songs written at Loch Fyne that we want to record and kick around the structures and parts the way we want to hear them recorded.  This save us time when we arrive at the recording studio, so we have more time to get things as good as they can be.  It's a vital part of process we've been using on all of our songs for some time. Hope you enjoy the video!

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Music in this episode is;
"End Game" by Little Eye

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Thanks to Berekley Studios (Glasgow) for putting up with us over the years.