Tour Diary Episode XIV "Back to Europe II"

This episode picks up the next morning after our show in the Monkey show at Metz. The last thing you seen was Jay failing to order a drink in french, however we still managed to partake! Follow us as we depart Petange in Luxembourg, and travel to Dolhain in Belgium to play at The Dolympiades music festival. It was a fantastic festival, which was very well organised and ran very smoothly. We were welcomed by the organiser who didn't speak any English (and we don't speak any French really) and made good friends despite the language gap. We were never without a drink and the show was great! A special mention to the Roxxbusters band who were most entertaining as you will see in the video. This brings an end to this leg of the tour. We are in the studio in August and are on a UK tour in October, so loads more diaries to come! Visit for all your Little Eye news!

Tour Diary Episode XII "TRAVELLING"

Today's episode follow the band as we travel across the UK, on to the "perty boat" and onwards to mainland Europe for 3 shows.  The weather has been good and everyone is feeling refreshed and ready to go.  We run into one small problem with the ferry however.  The bing bong that usually wakes us up in the morning...Didn't go bing bong. So by the time we made it to the car deck they had already moved everything off from our level and weren't too pleased with us...

Tour Diary Episode XI "Marathon"

Todays diary is taken across a 17 hour period and will hopefully give some of you an insight into a day in the life of a band! With no crew to help, we set out to play 2x shows, firstly Live at the Bayview in East Fife Football Club and secondly headline a charity event at the Hard Rock Cafe in Glasgow. The charity is Glasgow Childrens Hospital ( and is something that has effected our lives in some way and it was a pleasure to be involved!  Next week we head over to Europe on the Party boat again to play Luxembourg, France and Belgium. Stay tuned and Subscribe!

Tour Diary Episode IX "Making of Contagious"

This tour diary episode is a little different to usual. Mainly because it is a much more professional production as it has been made by Georgia Harris of Digi Eye Media! In this Episode you get a behind the scenes look at the making of Contagious. We would like to take this time to firstly thank the team at Film Scotland who brought this video to life.  Thanks to our cast of actors who were professional and applied through out the shoot. Thanks to our make up team led by Angela Moffat who made us look terrifyingly insane (albeit it was probably one of the easier jobs she has had). Thanks to Drew John Barnes as he brought the project together and has been a vital part of Little Eye team for so many years.  And once again thank you to Digi Eye Media for making this WONDERFUL video for us!

Now you can go and watch the full video here,


Tour Diary Episode VII "Party Boat"

It's been a few months since our last tour Diary, we have released a brand new single "Something Out of Nothing" and "Contagious" is soon to follow!

Sailing from Newcastle to Amsterdam, tise Episode takes place entirely on the ferry and features at an attempt at 5 questions to each member of the band! For any sensitive viewers, there is the consumption of fermented grains & fruit and also some bad langueage. Enjoy the hilarity!

Tour Diary Episode VI "Glasgow"

Episode 6 took a little longer to put together than expected, but we are back!  It's been a few months since the last diary, the album is out, and the E.P is out.  And we are currently working on another couple of singles for 2016.  (This was in the past).  

This Episode see's performing around Glasgow, Firstly at O2 ABC and Secondly at The Glasgow Warriors Stadium! (Spoiler) This was the year they went on to win the title for the first time and we are fully taking credit for making that happen! hahaha.  It was great to be front row for some of it and we watched the final in Orkney whilst on tour there.

Thanks For watching and supporting the tour diary.  

Tour Diary Episode V "Kore Studios Part trois"

Episode V from our Tour Diary series.  This episode is part 3 in at Kore Studios and the concluding part of the "Loch Fyne Saga".  It began with a small idea and now the tracks are finished and fully recorded.  There's a teaser at the end of the video for the 3 new tracks we have recorded.

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Music in this episode is;
"Rescue Me" by Little Eye
& "Better than this" by Little Eye

Available on iTunes and Spotify

Thanks to George 'Bummy' Apsion, owner of Kore Studios, for letting us use his videos and for all the hard work he puts in Engineering for us! It wouldn't be the same without him.